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Cancer Screenings for Seniors: An Ongoing Controversy

Feb 1, 2018 by Comfort Keepers Blogging Team

What Seniors Should Know About Cancer Screenings


As people age, certain medical conditions are likely to develop. Unfortunately, cancer can rear its ugly head later on in life, especially in those aged 65 and older. For this reason, cancer screenings for seniors become especially important. Screening is a process that checks your body for cancer before you even have symptoms. Malignancies respond to treatment more effectively when discovered and diagnosed in the early stages of development, which is why you may opt to get screened regularly for various types of cancer.


Generally, there are screening recommendations for seniors aged over 65.



  • Prostate Cancer Screening

Overall health status is important when deciding about prostate cancer screening. Men who can expect to live at least 10 more years should talk with a doctor about uncertainties, risks, and potential benefits of being tested.



  • Breast Cancer Screening

Any changes to how breasts appear or feel must be reported to a doctor immediately. A mammogram should be scheduled every two years. For those with a family history of breast cancer, a screening should be scheduled every year. A health care provider can help you determine how often this test should be carried out.

  • Cervical Cancer Screening

For women aged 65 and older, many medical professionals believe that no further testing is needed if you’ve had regular cervical cancer testing with normal results during the past 10 years. No testing is needed after a hysterectomy that removed the uterus and cervix – if it was done for reasons other than cervical cancer.


For Both Genders:

  • Colon Cancer Testing

There are many testing options when it comes to colonoscopies. Talk with a doctor about which tests are best for you and how often testing should be done.


  • Lung Cancer Testing

Those with a history of smoking should consult with a health care provider about whether to get an annual low-dose CT scan to screen for early lung cancer. Those who are active or former smokers will benefit from this screening test.


Remember to discuss your concerns and queries with your health care professional before going to any screenings. Getting screening tests regularly may find cancers early when treatment is most likely to work – but it is also important to be well informed about the risks of any test, and about what will happen if a test suggests there may be cancer that won’t shorten your life.


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