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High Blood Pressure: The Link to Memory Loss

Jan 11, 2018 by Comfort Keepers Blogging Team

The Relationship Between High Blood Pressure and Memory Loss


Even though we all associate forgetfulness and short-term memory loss with aging, there are new discoveries that show age is just one factor. Did you know that gradual decline in memory and cognitive function can be attributed to elevated blood pressure? High blood pressure creates stiffened arteries that eventually deprive brain tissue of proper nourishment. Taking care of your health can go a long way in preventing these two issues.


How High Blood Pressure Impacts the Memory

The brain has two layers. The cortex, an outer layer of grey matter, is filled with brain cells that play a key role in memory, attention, perception, language, and consciousness. An inner layer of white matter contains axons, the biological wires that carry information from one area of the brain to the other. Studies indicate that a reduction in blood flow caused by blood pressure is related to the plaque build-up in the arteries that damages nerve fibers in the white matter, and reduces the volume of grey matter. Studies found that chronic high blood pressure can result in a series of small strokes that damage brain tissue.


Early Treatment is Vital

Research found that the longer a person lives with high blood pressure, the more likely he or she is to develop memory loss and have difficulty thinking. People should be considerate of their blood pressure, whether it is to maintain their current numbers or to lower their high blood pressure.



A healthy blood pressure is under 120/80. Preventing high blood pressure can be controlled in healthy lifestyle choices, including these:


  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Eat more dietary fiber, such as whole grains, fresh fruit, and vegetables
  • Enjoy flaxseeds in your daily diet
  • Enjoy healthy protein, such as beans, tofu, and lentils
  • Reduce salt intake (be aware that most of this comes from processed foods)
  • Exercise daily or at least five times a week
  • Limit alcohol – consume no more than one drink a day
  • Don’t smoke or use other tobacco products


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