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How to Travel with an Elderly Parent

Jun 8, 2017 by Comfort Keepers Blogging Team

Make the most of traveling with your loved one by preparing for it!

Whether you’re attending a family graduation, enjoying a family vacation, or heading out to see some sites, there are logistical considerations to take into account when traveling with an elderly parent.

Whatever your situation, don’t letter the hassle hold you back! An adventure is to be had when traveling with loved ones, whatever their age or ability. To take the stress out of the holiday, check out these tips.


Before you travel, secure travel insurance with medical coverage. If your parent has a pre-existing condition, it may be difficult to get coverage, but not impossible. Persist until you find the right policy.

Choose the Destination

Some trips happen because of circumstances, not by choice. For example, attending a graduation or reunion means that you have no choice in the destination. Quite simply, you must be well prepared for it! If you have the luxury to plan your own destination vacation, try to choose a spot that suits everyone’s needs. This may be a cruise, tour, or relaxing destination. For example, the cobblestones of Italy may be incredible to experience, but pushing a wheelchair may not be the best holiday of a lifetime.

Work with Pros

If you can, call the hotel ahead of time to ensure that they have wheelchair access, the right amenities, and more. Try to book private rooms when possible and consider hiring extra support at the location so that you aren’t on parent watch the whole time. You can even make this part of the family’s activities. Schedule a certain time of day for each member to take care of the senior.

Plan Activities

Your aging parent may not be up for hiking the hills or sitting out in the sun all day. Bear in mind their needs and wants when planning and booking activities. Similarly, he or she may move slower than you, so you may need to allow extra time at the airport, boarding the plane, and getting to and from your hotel.

Before you head out, talk to the in-home caregivers are there to support your elderly parent. When looking for in-home care in Nevada City, CA, contact the dedicated caregivers at Comfort Keepers #374. We provide in-home care in Nevada City, CA and assisted living for those who need support while living in their own home. We serve Auburn, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley, Marysville, Yuba City, Wheatland, Live Oak, Gridley, and Colusa, and surrounding cities in California.

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